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    Health and Safety

    Our culture is one of commitment to safety, accountability for actions and feedback on performance. We believe that every workplace incident, injury and illness is preventable. Our goal is to ensure personal safety for our employees. Preventing workplace incidents, injuries and illnesses is an integral part of our worldwide business strategy.

    As with all aspects of sustainability, we continually strive to improve our workplace safety, with an ultimate goal of zero injuries and incidents. In 2012, we launched a global corporate initiative, ALL IN FOR SAFETY, to further promote development of a culture of working and living safely. ALL IN FOR SAFETY is intended to place safety foremost in the thoughts and actions of each employee and to foster a culture of safety awareness and safe behaviors at all times and in all places.

    Eastman has a policy and is committed at all levels of management to protect and promote the health and safety of Eastman employees, contractors, and visitors. There are opportunities for employees to participate in development, implementation, and review of the health and safety programs.

    Eastman performs health assessments to determine employee medical fitness for specific job tasks. Eastman monitors systems for maintaining records and analyzes data to evaluate health and safety performance, determine trends, and identify areas for improvement. Eastman also investigates illnesses, injuries, and incidents in a timely manner; creates corrective actions to prevent recurrence; and evaluates the effectiveness of corrective actions taken.

    Eastman has developed methods to identify and evaluate potential health and safety risks in planned or existing facilities. Preventive maintenance and housekeeping programs are in place to maintain the safety of the employees, facilities, tools, and equipment.

    Eastman maintains health and safety training programs, including documentation of these programs, and methods to evaluate the effectiveness of both training and communications activities.

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    Eastman has a safety program that addresses contractor safety. Company safety and health expectations are communicated to contractor employees and include Eastman site-specific safety rules, hazard information, and the emergency response procedures for the site.

    Contractor safety programs and safety performance are included as elements of the selection process. Each site has a preselection process or criteria in place to ensure that potential contractors meet Eastman safety requirements. 

    Eastman site management review, at least annually, contractor safety performance including injury and illness incidence rates. Contractor health and safety assessments are conducted and documented, and follow-up actions take place to assure implementation of corrective action.?


    At Eastman, we assess our personal workplace safety per?formance by examining: ?


    Safety measurement

    2018 Data

    2019 Target

    Global Injury and Illness rates (OSHA Recordable)
    (annual incidents per 100 employees [200,000 work hours] involving treatment beyond first aid in relation to actual work hours)


    Target rate of
    less than 0.54

    Global Process Safety Incidents*


    Target rate of
    less than 11

    Global Fatalities



    Contractor Fatalities



    * Eastman applies American Chemistry Council's reporting criteria for process safety incidents globally.
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